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Maintenance Of Dolls


  1.  Do not use a sharp instrument to scratch the surface of the model, the model can not be forced kneading so as not to damage the surface of the skin, influence the Usable time and esthetic.

  2. Avoid wearing the fade or the clothing with poor technology of colouration , so as not to pollute the model.

  3. Can not be put together with the material containing ink, such as newspapers and magazines. Avoid placing dark colored clothing or leather cloths containing oil-soluble pigments together to avoid contaminating the model.

  4. Can not be a long time in the direct sunlight environment, to cause plastic accelerated the ageing. Do not wash the doll with Celsius water more than 40 degrees .

  5. If have the crimp which indentation for a long time on the surface of the model, please use a clean cloth moistened with water and put the cloth on the indentation area, then use hair drier blowing on the surface of the cloth, the indentation will disappear after a few minutes.



  1. Please check the goods once receiving. If there is a defective product, please contact us immediately without use. We will not return the goods if beyond the limited date.

  2. Please read the directions carefully and in no shall be liable for artificial damage.